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Seven Eye-Opening Charts: Declining Ad Spend and the Rise of AI in the News Industry by 2023

The news industry in 2023 has seen a decline in ad spend and a growth of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. Generative AI tools, such as Chat GPT, have become a major story for the industry, although the impact on news publishers is still unknown. Some publishers, like Gizmodo and Schibsted, have incorporated generative AI into their editorial workflows, while others, like Shutterstock and The Associated Press, have signed deals with ChatGPT maker OpenAI for the use of their content.

The Guardian became one of the first major publishers to block ChatGPT from accessing its content, citing concerns about the technology’s potential misuse. The New York Times is also considering legal action against OpenAI for allegedly illegally using its content to train AI models.

In addition to the growth of AI, the news industry in 2023 has faced other challenges. Facebook has continued to retreat from news, impacting the reach and visibility of news publishers on the platform. Thousands of staff layoffs have occurred in the industry, as news organizations struggle to adapt to the changing digital landscape. Press freedom has also suffered, with the continued killing of journalists and media workers.

Overall, these seven charts highlight the key trends and challenges that have shaped the news industry in 2023. The decline in ad spend, coupled with the growth of AI, has forced publishers to rethink their strategies and find innovative ways to generate revenue. As technology continues to evolve, the news industry will need to adapt and find new ways to deliver quality journalism in the digital age.