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Unleash Your Creativity: Personalize Your Graphics Card with Etchings and Unique Prints

Create a unique Christmas gift: imprint your personality on the graphics card

As Christmas is approaching, Colorful Mall launches an exciting private customization service – private custom graphics cards. This service is designed for those who want to add a unique style and personality to their graphics card.

The private customization services provided by Colorful Mall are mainly divided into two types: engraving text and UV thermal printing process.

Inscribed text:
Users can choose simple patterns or text to have them engraved on the back of the graphics card forever, giving the graphics card a deeper commemorative value.
UV thermal printing process:
Innovatively introducing the Stable Diffusion AI drawing tool, players can draw colorful patterns based on their own creativity and print them on the graphics card back panel through a unique thermal printing process. This is not just a simple pattern addition, but also a disruptive innovation that makes it easier to create a personalized themed family bucket for your equipment.

Colorful Mall’s private customization service has the following advantages:

Quality Assurance:
Private customization services are performed by iGame LAB, which brings together top R&D teams to standardize the implementation of customized services and ensure that each customized graphics card has reliable quality.
Efficient delivery:
Breaking the long wait for traditional private customization, Colorful Mall promises to deliver the goods within just 3 days after the user pays the order, providing users with a faster and more efficient service experience.

How to place an order:

1. Enter the official website of Colorful Mall or use the WeChat applet of Colorful Mall and search for “Private Customization”.
2. Choose engraving text or UV thermal printing process, and provide corresponding design materials.
3. Confirm the customized content and area, and pay for the order.
4. You will receive the delivery notification within 3 days after paying the order.

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Colorful Mall’s private customization service allows users to integrate their personality into the DNA of the graphics card and create their own hardware artwork. It provides users with a wealth of choices and advocates personalized design concepts, making each graphics card a unique footnote.