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MyHeritage Debuts AI Record Finder™ and AI Biographer™ — Two Groundbreaking Tools

MyHeritage, the world’s leading family history research service, has released two new game-changing features that use artificial intelligence to transform genealogy: AI Record Finder™ and AI Biographer™.

**AI Record Finder™:**
AI Record Finder™ revolutionizes how users search for historical records by enabling them to have a conversational chat with an AI assistant to find relevant historical records about a person of interest in MyHeritage’s vast database of 20 billion records. Users can still use MyHeritage’s traditional search engine, but the AI Record Finder™ adds a chat mode to increase the chances of finding information that was previously hard to find. The chat experience is like an interview with a friendly concierge, understanding what additional details are necessary to narrow down search results. It guides users by asking relevant questions according to the context and information provided to find the most relevant records. Once located, the records can be reviewed and the details saved to the user’s family tree.

**AI Biographer™:**
AI Biographer™ automatically compiles a rich narrative about an individual’s life using information from historical records that match the person, creating a Wikipedia-like biography. The biographies are enriched with relevant historical context and are easy to share. MyHeritage is the only service to offer such groundbreaking features for family history and the first to leverage conversational AI for searching historical records. The two features are integrated, allowing users to generate an AI Biography™ for individuals they find using AI Record Finder™. AI Biographies™ may also be generated directly for individuals in family trees on MyHeritage.

AI Record Finder™ is free for limited use, and to view and save historical records to the family tree, a Data or Complete subscription is required. Users can create a few AI Biographies™ for free. Beyond that, additional use of AI Biographer™ requires a Complete subscription.

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Currently, AI Record Finder™ and AI Biographer™ are only accessible from desktop and mobile web browsers. Support for both features on the MyHeritage mobile app will be added soon. MyHeritage’s website states that support for additional languages will be added in the near future.