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AIPC Series: Unveiling a New Era of PC Experience

Climbing White Marsh Series AIPC Opens a New PC Experience

Recently, Pansheng Technology launched its first AIPC product, the Pansheng White Marsh AIPC mainframe. This mainframe, with its powerful performance, intelligent solutions, and personalized appearance design, brings users a new computing experience.

“White Marsh” is a mythical creature in Chinese mythology with magical powers and wisdom. It can speak human language, know astronomy at the top, and geography at the bottom, and understand the future through the past. The Pansheng AIPC mainframe is named “Pansheng White Marsh” because the product has the latest generative artificial intelligence technology, can conduct high-efficiency learning, better adapt to the development of cutting-edge technology, provide users with intelligent solutions with its powerful functions, and meet consumers’ need to explore the unknown and improve efficiency.

The Pansheng White Marsh series AIPC mainframe integrates an excellent computer hardware platform and a complete AIGC software environment, reshaping the PC using experience and making AI creation and development easy and convenient, which ordinary individual users can also touch, releasing infinite creativity. Many AIGCs need to call cloud computing power, while the Pansheng White Marsh series AIPC mainframe can perform various AI applications locally.

In order to further improve performance, the Pansheng White Marsh series AIPC mainframe adopts the latest NVIDIA GeForce RTX™ 40 series high-performance graphics card. This series of graphics cards is equipped with a special AI Tensor core, which can provide powerful performance and innovative functions. The Pansheng White Marsh series AIPC mainframe can also further use NVIDIA’s TensorRT acceleration technology to further accelerate the performance of Stable Diffusion. The theoretical performance can increase the GeForce RTX performance by up to 2 times. This enhancement can significantly improve the generation speed of AI images, allowing users to accelerate iteration and save time.

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In addition, the Pansheng White Marsh series AIPC mainframe will also create a unique aesthetic with “ultraviolet dazzling color” technology, customize a unique product appearance, bring appearance and performance to the extreme, and bring users a different surprise experience.

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